EARLIER BACKGROUND INFORMATION

I attended the University of Toronto and studied Psychology.   Due to my love of colour, fashion and design I became a Makeup Artist.   I also studied the 4 Seasonal Colour Groups and started a business teaching men and women about Personal Colour Palettes and Professional Makeup Application. 

Colour and Psychology are connected in that the colours you wear can affect your mood and influence the way people relate to you.   We can determine in advance the best colour to wear for a job interview, a first date, an important business meeting, photography - black and white or colour, etc.  Colour therapy is real and we can incorporate it into our own lives.

The colours you choose for your home are a reflection of you.   They also determine whether the atmosphere is welcoming or intimidating to others.  Colours can inspire or depress you, they can make you stand out or blend into a crowd, draw people in to confide in you or repel them from engaging with you.  They can make you look efficient or emotionally immature.  There are Colour Psychology Tests that can highlight many things about you including current issues causing you distress that need to be worked out.



​​​​​​​​I am an ASTROLOGER, PSYCHIC INTUITIVE and MEDIUM (CHANNELER) and will PREDICT YOUR FUTURE with CLAIRCOGNIZANCE, CLAIRSENTIENCE or PERSONAL HOROSCOPE READINGS.  My intuitive abilities were apparent at a very young age and my abilities have become stronger as I have learned to understand them.  During my PSYCHIC READINGS, I am able to CHANNEL information to my clients using different INTUITIVE CAPACITIES and enjoy explaining the elements of Metaphysics to people.  We all need to understand and appreciate the relevance of it in our lives.  Due to a life long fascination with SUN SIGNS, I studied ASTROLOGY with the Faculty of Astrological Studies in the UK and also have a basic knowledge of Vedic (Eastern) ASTROLOGY which uses GEMSTONES to strengthen weakened planets in a personal HOROSCOPE. 

My love of colour, design and gemstones led me to study GEMOLOGY with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and I entered the jewellery business in 2001.  Today, I own and operate my own company LESLAY-ROBIN FINE JEWELLERY DESIGN & SALES and am able to offer my clients genuine wholesale prices with top quality gemstones, diamonds and workmanship.   For more information, please go to leslayrobin.com.  

My long time interest in helping people has inspired a more recent interest in ESSENTIAL OILS which can be used to heal the physical body as well as our psyches.  When under stress our physical and emotional health can be adversely affected and the chakra(s) related to the particular stress(s) can become blocked or closed.  Typically the organs corresponding to the chakra(s) are also affected.  ESSENTIAL OILS are the perfect antidote and can aid in re-opening our chakras so that we can once again be grounded to let the life energy flow through us.  I am pleased to recommend and sell ESSENTIAL OILS which are the purest in North America.  Throughout my life, my intuitive gifts have aided in understanding people's needs and allowing me to help them find the path which will bring them the greatest happiness and joy.  I am a positive and inspired person and would love to help you find the path that is calling you now.  Perhaps you have some questions you need answered before you take the next step.  A PSYCHIC INTUITIVE Reading can offer information and answers to your questions and I offer in-depth HOROSCOPE Readings with a personalized written report AND a SOLAR RETURN report for your next birth year (Predictive).  Both ways can offer knowledge and insight into your future that may confirm what you already intuit or offer reasons why your present path is not working for you.